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Sharjah Visa Change by Bus

Since Sharjah doesn’t specifically offer a visa change by bus, the visitors to UAE who wish to extend their stay in the country will have to travel by bus to Oman (mainly because it is a neighboring country). And during this time they can renew their visa or change their existing UAE visa. Many people who wish to continue to live in the country for business or work-search purposes will prefer to opt for this service rather than go back to their native place. You might be visiting the neighboring country, but you won’t be spending any significant time there, just the focus will be on the visa formalities. This is the preferred method by most visitors because they don’t have to fly out of the country or go back to their native place while waiting for the visa to change. This saves time and money and you don’t have to deal with visa procedures.

This is where we come in. As experts in the visa Change by Bus process, we have guided thousands of people every year with their visa change process. Our services are provided in the form of a package where we will provide transportation to the neighboring country, visa processing assistance, and even accommodation in Oman. If there are any unforeseen delays in visa processing, you might have to stay in Oman, and if that’s the case, we will help with the accommodation too. We will also help you with the immigration formalities once you cross the border (you might need a visa for Oman depending on your native country) and then, following that, we will help through the visa processing formalities for the UAE visa renewal or change. Then when the new visa is ready, you can head back to Dubai by bus. We will guide you through all the formalities and procedures that you need to complete when you come to Oman, so everything will go smoothly, and there will be minimal delay.

To be eligible for Sharjah Visa Change by Bus, you must possess a valid visa that will be valid for at least 6 months beyond your intended stay in the UAE. Your present visa must also be eligible for a renewal or extension. You must have passport-size photographs for the visa processing and exit documents (exit permit or clearance) based on the kind of visa you have. You must also be able to prove that you have sufficient funds to stay in the country for the intended period. There will be some fees needed for the visa processing and you need to have health insurance.

We will also arrange for the round-trip bus ticket so you can travel smoothly. Sometimes, you need to get some additional documents like hotel reservations, and a return flight ticket, and often, proof of employment may also be required. A lot depends on your nationality, so let us help you through the processes, depending on your present situation. Get in touch with us today to start with the visa Change by Bus process most professionally and expertly.

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