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Sharjah, the bejewelled legacy along the eastern coast of the United Arab Emirates has a rich history and vibrant culture. The unique blend of modernity and tradition makes the city a dynamic hub for visitors. The rich history that dates back to over 120,000 years is an added attraction, and there has been evidence of human settlement as far as third millennium BCE. Sharjah has been influenced by a lot of foreigners including Greeks, Portuguese, British, Persians, etc. Visit the Heart of Sharjah, a major UNESCO World Heritage Site that gives the visitors an exciting glimpse of the city’s past and the trading port that it once was. Interestingly, Sharjah, with its unwavering commitment to promoting art and literature, has been named the Cultural Capital of the Arab World, as per UNESCO. There are numerous museums, galleries that would let you explore and marvel at the intricate beauties of the glorious Arab culture. The tour operators in Sharjah will plan your tour in meticulous detailing to include all these.


The tour operators in Sharjah will take you through the following


The Heritage Area in Sharjah

The Heritage Area in Sharjah is the most popular spot for experiencing the rich cultural heritage of the city. There are plenty of souks and shopping centers, and you can shop for traditional clothing, spices and plenty of souvenirs. There are plenty of museums too like the Sharjah Heritage Museum, Sharjah Islamic Museum and the Sharjah Calligraphy Museum. There are a plethora of stalls selling traditional Arabic food and beverages, so enjoy walking around and sampling the delights.


The area is also home to some of the ancient and well-preserved structures of the city, especially the Al Hisn Fort. As for architectural marvels at Sharjah Heritage Area, you must visit the Al Midfa House, a stunning Emirati House in all its traditional glory.


Boasts of a rich literary legacy

Sharjah has made impressive contributions to the literacy world, and one of the most visited events is the Sharjah International Book Fair, held anually. There are a number of programs aimed to promote the culture of reading within the communities  and there are plenty of public libraries networks and educational programs as well. The city’s recognition for promoting books and literacy was recognised by UNESCO, and was named the World Book Capital City for the year 2019. The travel agency experts in Sharjah will help you plan an itinerary that includes the rich cultural history of the city.



Architectural Delights

Sharjah is not just noted for arts, culture and literary works, the Mleiha Archaeological Centre is a must visit spot. The travel agency experts in Sharjah plan your tour to see ancient rock formations, fossil dunes and archaeological sites that will give you deep insights into the city’s cultural and geological history.


A plethora of festivals and events

Sharjah fosters a system that promotes cross-cultural heritage and there are many landmarks to marvel at in the city. You can enjoy live performances, culinary delights, traditional crafts and plenty more exciting things to experience. The city literally comes alive with mesmerizing light displays.  You can visit the Sharjah International Film Festival for regional and international film shows.



The best time to visit Sharjah: The best time to visit Sharjah would be during the months between November and April. Once it’s summer, the heat can be really unbearable, and you might not be able to tour the city as you would want. The hottest months are from June to August, so if you are visiting during those months, wear comfortable clothing and stay hydrated.


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